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Managing and Accepting Offers

Whilst getting job offers are exciting and exactly what you have been working towards, managing the offer stage can often be one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process.  Salary negotiations can be difficult if you do not feel that you are being offered what you are worth, and at the same time considering more than one offer can be a confusing process.

Below are some tips to help you through this process:

Negotiating on the salary

  • It is important to have a figure in your head of what you will accept financially
  • Always be realistic and bear in mind the current market rates
  • If the salary is just short of your expectations look at things like salary review timescales to see how quickly you can look to increase this
  • Consider other areas of the package that can be negotiated – not just salary.  E.g. holiday allowance, bonus, flexible working etc…

More than one job offer

  • If you are considering more than one offer then make sure you have all the package details to compare, along with information such as the commute, the role itself, career progression opportunities, training & development
  • Always be honest about other opportunities and/or job offers but do not play them off against each other

Other things to consider

  • Remember your motivations for searching for a role in the first place and consider the importance of your salary vs. ticking those boxes
  • It can be useful to revisit the reasons why you were interested in the role in the first place and consider that alongside the financial package 

Accepting an offer

  • Always get the job offer in writing including the salary, any benefits, the proposed start date, and the job title
  • Once you have reviewed the above information send confirmation of your acceptance
  • Request a copy of your contract and thoroughly review, sign and return
  • Once contracts have been signed you will need to resign from your current position and agree your notice period and finish date.